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Have you ever seen such a ricey Ford Laser before ? Yes, it has a stock standard, gutless, small capacity carby engine, with no modifications, and a stock exhaust (except for a huge chrome tip). Next we'll check out the wheels... WOW, 13" steel rims with hubcaps, amazing. And then you've got to love that wing, home-made from a piece of an aluminium awning. All of this goes well with the brush-painted yellow flames on the front of the car, and all those "Racing Stickers"... I bet they make the car go at least 5 seconds faster down the quarter mile. The interior hasn't been left stock either, with heaps of guages and a massive tacho, Nintendo 64, TV screen, and a red velour trimmed dash. Wow, check out the seat covers, and those blue racing pedals, they really match the red paint. So do the silver wipers. What an awesome Rice Boy car !